The Apollo Foundation Theater

India is a land of many cultures and each culture has gifted this country with its own craft. This is one reason our motherland is rich in art and culture, while having an abundance of talent. For ages these various forms of art had have been entertaining us and helping us to lead our life with a new zeal every single day. Infact it has been scientifically proven and accepted by many nations around the world that artistic and creative minds are the achievers and are believed to look at the world with a complete different view point.

Likewise, the Apollo Foundation has always believed in magic of art and we know that anyone can heal through art. So we have opened our hearts and the gates of The Apollo Foundation Amphitheatre for the blossoming talents in the city. Being in the field of health and wellness we understand the need of a healthy mind and soul. Hence for such ailments we strongly prescribe heavy doses laughter, dance, music, theatre etc. Therefore, we invite you to embrace the power of art, at the Apollo Theatre and urge you to free your spirit to explore, experience & express yourself.

The theatre would be equipped with all required light and sound equipments to run an amphitheatre and booking the theatre would be the simplest. Just call at the theatre and book your cultural programme at the available date. We have brought the best of Hyderabad at the Amphitheatre located at the exit gate of the Apollo Hospital, Jubilee Hills. As mentioned above, besides spreading the message of #healthroughart the Apollo Foundation Theatre aims at nurturing the talents of this multi cultural and multi lingual city. The theatre would be open to all those who are associated with the field of music, drama, dance, wellness, organic bazaars, workshops, movie screenings etc.

Upcoming Events